Friday, May 21, 2010

Todays Quick Quilt....

I have had this almost yard of fabric sitting around for years. I decided to break in the new quilting machine and make Wyatt a little car mat to play with today.
I got blisters on my index and middle finger from hand binding it. I sewed it to the quilt top, but then folded it around and hand stitched it to the back...the "proper" way. However, i dunno how many more times im going to do that.
I went with the meandering stitch. I think it came out well. It was fun getting it all squiggly!
Now he has a nice quilted town to play with his Matchbox cars on! Wyatt was soo excited. This project was started around 10 this morning. It didn't take long to quilt or attach the binding. What took forever was hand finishing the binding...UGH! I'm seriously going to have to consider the pricing for that!!! :)

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