Friday, May 14, 2010

My New Baby Has Arrived!!

Some major rearranging had to be done b/c i decided to go with the 10ft poles...since i technically have the space why not use it up right!

There she is!!! Isn't she beautiful!!!

Learning how to put the fabrics onto the poles etc. BTW i helped with the whole assembly!!! Thought it was a good idea to know how it goes together so i know what to do in 3 years when we have to move again HUH?!

Floats like a butterfly...stings...well lets say HUMMMMMS like a bee!

The boys are going to love this. I think they will be able to help make their own quilts!! Its that easy!!!

As soon as the man left i was soo excited that i cried a little...


  1. Gorgeous! I am drooling with jealousy. I know where I will be sending all my quilt tops to be done :-)

  2. Enjoy your new toy. (Even if I have no idea what it is)

  3. ok you are totally the luckiest girl I know! I only FINALLY got a Serger for my birthday this year!!

  4. my mom bought me a serger years ago from a black friday sat in its box for years b/c i didn't know what to do with it. STILL don't know much! See this is what happens when you buy your hubby a brand new big screen tv....guilt sets in!!! i didn't do it intentionally...but geesh it worked! ;)

  5. Sending my quilt tops to you!!


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