Friday, June 25, 2010

OFF to Grandmas we will go!

 So we set off this morning at 6am to drive 9 hours to MIMI and PAPA's house.  Me, my two boys, a friend and her 2 boys...all piled in her car and headed EAST!  The 4 boys did great during the drive.  Two napped and 2 watched movies.  A little pit stop to pee on the side of the Road and lunch at Cracker Barrel and we were set.

Once getting to Mimi's house...we set off on an adventure with the cousin!  The three have splished, splashed, and ran and screamed for several hours!  They should sleep great!

Start off with a little Sooner Pride!
In the country we like to put things in Mason Jars, Plant flowers in misc. things, and tend to our livestock.
Waggin Tails = Happy Baby Goats!

On the Road to the barn to see the livestock :)

Stopped by the garden on the way back to check on the baby watermelons, and pick a few squash!! YUM!

Got a bicycle??? Why not plant something in it!

Yup im back in Oklahoma...who complained about the roads in England??? NOT ME!! :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Lego we will go...

Today Toys R Us had a 2 hour Lego Event.  We got to go and build whatever we wanted and take the creations home.  They also had a table where they would show the kids a picture, they had to re-create it using Lego's and then we would have to guess what they were building.  It was great fun.  And we got some more Lego Mystery Figures!! WOO HOO

Special Thanks to Everyone who popped into my Lawn Boutique!

Last night there was a Spouse Appreciation Night at the Club/Pool here on Kirtland AFB!  It was a lot of fun.  They invited spouses to set up their Home Based Business Tables too.  Here are a few pics of my set up.  IT WAS OVER 100 DEGREES!!! I was burning up! But I met some really FAB people...and had a GREAT time!  Thanks for stopping in my Boutique and all of your WONDERFUL comments!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Don't have a Green Thumb...well you can fake it and look cute doing it!

We spent 3 years in the UK and LOVED it.  However, they have stinking neddle that will set you on fire!!  So as a necessity I decided to alter regular garden gloves.  These are perfect for protecting your forearms during all your gardening time.  No more scratches from Rose Thorns or from rock or edging.
I use decorator heavy weight fabrics.  All seams are Serged and then top stitched.  I even carry smaller sized gloves for your tween-age kids! (the green gloved set pictured at the top)  I also make garden aprons to match. 

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Howdy Partner

Look at this FUN and FABULOUS set for someones little Buckaroo!  This is the PERFECT one of a kind gift for your next baby shower.  All of these fabulous items come packaged in a Large Blue with Red stitching and Red Handled European Suitcase! 

Set Includes One receiving blanket, 2 burps, 1 bib and 1 paci holder.

Each accessory item is made from one of the fabrics on the blanket.

The blanket has a pieced top showcasing the 4 Fabulous Cowboy Inspired Fabrics. 

The back of the blanket is extra snuggly soft because its made with minky.  I can customize this whole set to fit your desired style and fabric choices!  Contact me for pricing and custom options!

The Journey for CC acceptance is temporarily over!!!

I have found a company to use for CC services!! YIPPEE you can shop shop shop away with me using your PLASTIC!!

This was an agonizing journey.  Some of these companies wanted several year contracts, high monthly minimums, and all kinds of crazy fees!

Now I can use my iphone to take your payments!!  I'm soo excited!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Just another Crafty Friend

Isn't it great to get things in the mail?  Especially from CRAFTY wonderful people.  Well this little "pick-me-up" couldn't have come at a better time!  Thank you  Natalie over at Hungy Hippie.  I believe she even has a little tutorial for these over on her blog!  Go check it out!

Lego my Bag

With all this sewing I have been doing for others lately, I felt my youngest needed a little something.  He is so patient with me when I am trying to "finish" something "right up".  Right now both of my boys, but mail
Now I just have to make the Oldest one too!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Knots and Crosses...X's and O's

These are SURE to please your kid no matter what he or she calls them! These handy little bags are soo cute and soo fun!  On the Front EACH bag has a game board appliqued on top!  This pieced game board is secured with fusible interfacing and top stitching.  Every bag is adorned with coordinating Ribbon Pull Closures.  Inside these bags is a Maple Wood Set of X's and O's.  Your carrier bag IS your game board.

The bag will lay out flat for the perfect game of Tic Tac Toe
Great for Boys or Girls...Young and Old.  Need something to keep kiddo's entertained in restaurants, dentist offices, or on the road?  These are the answer.

I can make Custom bags.  Have a particular fabric in MIND??  I probably have it!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Now We're Cookin

I don't know about YOUR kids but MINE LOVE to help in the Kitchen!  So with Summer Vacation Well on its WAY....why not treat your kids to some Kitchen Get Up's!!
This Set Features Space Men and Rocket Ships!  Very Fun for Boys!  The Apron has a 3 way divided pocket, great for storing their utensils.  It also has a snap for the neck strap making it easy to take on and off!  For the Ultimate Chef Hat, I attached 3 snap levels to create a custom fit for your child!  All items come in their very own Chef Tote-able Suitcase.  I can custom create any set for you.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

RELEASE the Hounds...or Butterflies in our Case

About a month ago, I purchased a Butterfly kit for the boys.  A few days later we received a pop up laundry hamper looking thing, and two buckets of TEENY TINY "worms".  Well these little baby caterpillars spent the next 2 weeks eating the bottom of their buckets and turning into HUGE FAT DISGUSTING caterpillars.  They then crawled up to the lid of the bucket and hung themselves upside down and formed their Chrysalis.   About 10 days later...we had BUTTERFLIES!!!  Out of the 10 Chrysalis, all hatched fine except for one..and he was born with only 1/2 the amount of wings.  So he was laid to rest in the front yard.  Garrett wanted to have a funeral...but i talked him out of it.  We lost two more eventually in the last 2 days, but i think it was just their time.  So before we lost anymore we did a ceremonial RELEASE of the last surviving 7 this morning right at our butterfly bush in the front yard.  Here are some pictures!

Garrett to Wyatt "shhh if you be really still we can get it again" Garrett to the butterfly " come here stinky...hey i raised you come back"

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The BEST thing about having Crafty Friends!!

I love having friends that are soooo Crafty!  One reason is its great to share ideas and tips.  The sometimes you get REALLY great goodies in the MAIL!

My Really good friend Lyndsay made these gorgeous dolls for me.  She is soo talented not only with Fabric but Crochet and Knitting as well!  I am totally obsessed with Matryoshka Dolls!

 I think these little darlings will be making MANY appearances on my BLOG!  I'm thinking they will be starring in all my "where in the world is Crystal Humble" contests!

Sit and Sew

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