Thursday, June 30, 2011

Trading Spaces....Warning Pciture Heavy!

So I've been struggling with the idea of swapping my sewing room, which was in a spare bedroom, with the boys playroom, which was the whole upstairs loft.

I'm hoping that the move will encourage more sewing!  I used to SEW ALLLLL the time.  In the last year i have really only been sewing when someone orders something...instead of creating everyday...WELL THATS STOPPING!!!
I'm going to start vamping up my repetoire, pushing my sewing to its fullest!  Starting with a Complete sewing room makeover....Here is the progress!!
Yup im Crammed in there!  Its a Really good size room...i just have too much stuff

My machines lined up..

the hardest part will be finding where to put my stamping/scrapping stuff

Yucky picture of my computer area...see my sewing is already leaking into the loft.

Boys in the playroom

Playroom from the view of the sewing room

View from the top of the stairs

Garrett helping me haul everything out of the sewing room...

lost of the loose stuff that was all on the floor in there

cutting table is out..and all the stuff on the floor is out

last bit of the fabric being hauled to the guest room

starting to make the switch...putting furniture into place

Yeah Daddy is home to help!

and finding time to goof off

yup more of the goofing

guest bedroom where the fabric was in a holding pattern

starting to add fabric to the book cases

the new sewing nook...still working

ok so i think this part of the room is done...

wish i could say the same for this side...where am i going to store all this??

oh this section will be soo nice when its all organized!

yup all the tid-bits still left.  the NExt post on this room will show it ALL done and open for business!

Sit and Sew

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