Sunday, May 9, 2010

Our 5th Loss

The boys are playing soccer again. They played the whole time we were in England, however, they didn't play games there. Here on the base they are on a league...a league of only 3 teams :) So games are Saturdays. Every other Saturday we have a double header. This Saturday we only played one game...which was great b/c we only had 1 extra player and the kids were worn out!!! They got schooled....again.So to recap how our games usually go....

Garrett gets his FIRST injury....

Wyatt gets benched for unsportsman like GROWLING AT OTHER TEAM BECAUSE THEY SCORED

Garrett has his SECOND injury....

Lastly the ride home. Garrett thinks he is dying because his lungs are burning and he is hot. FYI this realization came to him mid field where he broke down and cried... We informed him thats what is called being out of shape!! WE SHOULD KNOW! Wyatt is now completely over the fact that they have lost and is munching on his SNACK...all is good for him. Garretts face stayed red like this for about an hour! LOL

And that folks is a morning at a brothers soccer game.

1 comment:

  1. Oh EM GEE! those little boys are SO flippin CUTE!.... er Handsome! The picture is priceless :)


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