Saturday, July 30, 2011

Only a few things left to do.

Well i'm just about all moved in.  There are some more items to haul in, but i ran out of pegs and holders.  So that will be brought in later through the week.

Moving and a Shaking

I know i have been MIA.  I'm not really good at the whole blogging thing yet, but i'm trying.

I started preparing my "shop" last night.  Hubby and I, well and the two kiddo's, started painting!  Today hopefully, i get to move int he fabric, put up slat wall, and peg board...trying to make this as cute as i can on the inside of a gov't building! :)

Here are some pics from last night!! Yeah this was a chore!! Trying to cover up this rusty orange color was a CHORE!! $70 in paint later!!

Garrett Helping us out!  Both boys wanted to PAINT SOOO BAD!
The Lovely color we are trying to cover up!
My DH.  SOOO Thrilled that i get him wrapped up into these kinds of things.

Lets hope that when i get back there in the morning...It still looks nice and white like this!  

 I'll keep you all posted as the progress continues!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Fabric Week at the Arts and Crafts Center on Kirtland AFB

So we are trying to get an interest in Sewing on base!  We are starting with some Sewing Classes and will soon have a Fabric shop in there.

This week I have brought in all of my Retail Fabrics about 200 bolts for a Fabric Fair.  Here are some pictures

I will be there all week 10-4.  Come stop by and lets talk fabric!

Sit and Sew

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