Friday, May 21, 2010

Todays Quick Quilt....

I have had this almost yard of fabric sitting around for years. I decided to break in the new quilting machine and make Wyatt a little car mat to play with today.
I got blisters on my index and middle finger from hand binding it. I sewed it to the quilt top, but then folded it around and hand stitched it to the back...the "proper" way. However, i dunno how many more times im going to do that.
I went with the meandering stitch. I think it came out well. It was fun getting it all squiggly!
Now he has a nice quilted town to play with his Matchbox cars on! Wyatt was soo excited. This project was started around 10 this morning. It didn't take long to quilt or attach the binding. What took forever was hand finishing the binding...UGH! I'm seriously going to have to consider the pricing for that!!! :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wyatts Last day of Pre-School...Teachers Gift Time

I really hope that they like these! Both teachers get a beverage tumbler and a posty-note holder.
The tumblers are metal on the inside making them great for cold or hot beverages! I can add any type of fabric to the middle and embroider whatever someone wants.

These are the 12 oz bottles. I also have 17oz ones. If you'd like to make it into more of a coffee tumbler i have an optional lid you can add. The 12oz ones are $17.00 and the 17oz ones are $20.00. If you want the coffee lid they are $3.00 extra.
The first liner is included in the price of the Mug. You can purchase additional liners if you want to change your mug up for holidays or days of the week. Those can be purchased for $5.00

I sure hope they enjoy these!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Whats for lunch?? Soo glad you asked!

Let me Tell you...IT WAS YUMMY!!!! I bought this Family Meals Cookbook from Williams Sonoma. It has GREAT recipes in it. This is our FAV so far!

Now what to make for dinner???

Friday, May 14, 2010

My New Baby Has Arrived!!

Some major rearranging had to be done b/c i decided to go with the 10ft poles...since i technically have the space why not use it up right!

There she is!!! Isn't she beautiful!!!

Learning how to put the fabrics onto the poles etc. BTW i helped with the whole assembly!!! Thought it was a good idea to know how it goes together so i know what to do in 3 years when we have to move again HUH?!

Floats like a butterfly...stings...well lets say HUMMMMMS like a bee!

The boys are going to love this. I think they will be able to help make their own quilts!! Its that easy!!!

As soon as the man left i was soo excited that i cried a little...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Need a chiropractor after this one!

I decided to try out a new pattern! It was a pain in the patootie...and my neck is killing me now. took me about 5 hours...course had to do a little ripping out! :)

There was a lot of gathering. Which it took me about an hour to rip out all the gathering stitches.

Quilt was finally pieced...and a little mothersday action

The boys took me to Sante Fe for mothers day! We had a wonderful mexican buffet.

This is a basilica in sante fe. ITS BEAUTIFUL! it was actually moved here! CAN you imagine!

Here is a close up of my finished quilt top. I can't wait to get my quilting machine and finish it!

So here it is as a whole. This reminds me of a quilt that would have been made in the 40's. Its going to be a large throw size. I haven't decided how i want to quilt it yet.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Our 5th Loss

The boys are playing soccer again. They played the whole time we were in England, however, they didn't play games there. Here on the base they are on a league...a league of only 3 teams :) So games are Saturdays. Every other Saturday we have a double header. This Saturday we only played one game...which was great b/c we only had 1 extra player and the kids were worn out!!! They got schooled....again.So to recap how our games usually go....

Garrett gets his FIRST injury....

Wyatt gets benched for unsportsman like GROWLING AT OTHER TEAM BECAUSE THEY SCORED

Garrett has his SECOND injury....

Lastly the ride home. Garrett thinks he is dying because his lungs are burning and he is hot. FYI this realization came to him mid field where he broke down and cried... We informed him thats what is called being out of shape!! WE SHOULD KNOW! Wyatt is now completely over the fact that they have lost and is munching on his SNACK...all is good for him. Garretts face stayed red like this for about an hour! LOL

And that folks is a morning at a brothers soccer game.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Small Craft Fair last weekend

Last weekend i set up at a local sewing shop. It was a small fair. Only about 8 tables, and only about 3 of us selling items. Everyone else was advertising the classes that they teach at said shop. Well here is a picture of me trying to cram all my stuff on one table! The End of July i have a BIG craft fair where i have a 15x15 all to myself!! i have bought the tent already i just need to go get some tables.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Working on yet another quilt top. Here are the pieces just layed out so i can figure out what pattern i want...or lack there of. The last row on the left side may be a table runner. im thinking the quilt needs to stop just before that row.

i have progressed from this stage in that i only have a couple more rows to join. I have heard through the grapevine that my hubby is buying me a long arm quilter for Mothers day...we'll see if that happens....but if it breaking that baby in right away!

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