Friday, June 25, 2010

OFF to Grandmas we will go!

 So we set off this morning at 6am to drive 9 hours to MIMI and PAPA's house.  Me, my two boys, a friend and her 2 boys...all piled in her car and headed EAST!  The 4 boys did great during the drive.  Two napped and 2 watched movies.  A little pit stop to pee on the side of the Road and lunch at Cracker Barrel and we were set.

Once getting to Mimi's house...we set off on an adventure with the cousin!  The three have splished, splashed, and ran and screamed for several hours!  They should sleep great!

Start off with a little Sooner Pride!
In the country we like to put things in Mason Jars, Plant flowers in misc. things, and tend to our livestock.
Waggin Tails = Happy Baby Goats!

On the Road to the barn to see the livestock :)

Stopped by the garden on the way back to check on the baby watermelons, and pick a few squash!! YUM!

Got a bicycle??? Why not plant something in it!

Yup im back in Oklahoma...who complained about the roads in England??? NOT ME!! :)


  1. What a fun place for kids!!

    --Cathy (Asimakopoulos)

  2. please tell me that is a plastic spider in that jar!?!

  3. HA HA nope!! ALIVE AND WELL...i took him wayyyyy out from the house and let him loose...about 20 minutes later he was heading back to the porch! we watched him walk up the back yard!

  4. Looks like fun, my kids would love to adventure there.


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