Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Want to Learn To Crochet??

So i ran across this today!  I am soooo IN!

I have been wanting to pick crochet back up again!  There are soo many neat and trendy items you can make with crochet.

And....think about all the time you spend in dr.'s offices, the car, sitting wainting on things...and all that time you could be creating something FABULOUS!

Class starts on Saturday, October 1st! I realize this is very soon, but don't worry if you can't get started right away, everything will be here waiting for you. I wanted to give all of you time to learn so you can start making holiday gifts.
Oh and just in case you skip the syllabus, this class is F-R-E-E free!
Please share the word! I would feel really bad doing all this work and only have 3 of you following along.

 Here is the link to her blog (b/c i can't get the "buttons" to work) Crochet School Blog!

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