Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tutorial: Make a Table Cover with Skirting ... MY FIRST TUTE!!

This tutorial will work for just about ANY size table.  My tables are 5ft foldable tables. First I started with a TWIN flat or TWIN fitted sheet.  I got mine at WALMART for $3.00!  Lay this sheet on top of your table.
Use your hand as a guide or USE weights of some sort to keep the sheet from moving around while you trace.  My tables edge had two raised edges.  I used the BOTTOM one to give myself a seam allowance.
Use Chalk to RUB along the EDGE of your table.  This will serve as your cutting/ sewing guide line. 
After you have marked your whole table top on the sheet.  Take it to your serger (if you don't have one thats can still just use this line as a cutting line) Your marking will probably have a curved edge but i just eyeballed it and squared it off with my serger.
For the Skirting.  I used a FULL FLAT sheet.  Take your sheet bottom SHORT side and fold in 1/2 to find the middle...make a little cut.
Now go to the TOP side fold it in 1/2 and find the center and cut through the "cuff" portion of the sheet just  until you get past the seam.
Now grab one side in one hand and the other side in the other hand and RIPPPPPPPPPP.  Your two slit should match up REALLY close!  TRUST ME the little snip at the top and the bottom HELP!

Why did i use sheets??!!  1. CHEAP  the twin was $3. and the full was $6.  So a table cover for less than $10!!!!  2.  NO HEMMING NEEDED!!! you will use the already finished seams/hems as your hems! 
You should now have two LONG pieces of fabric from your FULL SHEET.  IRON those pieces.  Now based on how TALL your table will MARK from the FINISHED seam along the LONG part of the fabric.  I measured 30".  This let my fabric just touch the floor.  Once you have your marking (i just did dashes about every 10" down the length of the fabric) take it to the serger and serge along those dashes.  Do this for both pieces.   TAKE YOUR SHORT SIDE that was the BOTTOM of the sheet.  Match it up with the other strip, and sew.  NOW YOU HAVE A REALLLLLY LONG piece. 
Lay your TWIN piece of fabric back on your table top.  Find your SEAM of your LONG LONG strip (made from the FULL sheet).  LAY it in the CENTER of the LONG side of your table (mine was easy to find b/c my table folds. you may have to measure to find yours)  Lay it with RIGHT sides together ontop of the cut TWIN sheet.
Now you are going to pin pin pin.  Just follow around the whole table pinning as you go.  I mitered the corners, which comes out pretty good once turned around.  (if you have a great way to do this please share)
More pinning.  Once you reach the back will be able to OVERLAP the LARGE CUFF (that was the TOP part of the FULL sheet)  This will give you a flap on the back of the table that you can open up and store stuff underneath and still have it hidden at your craft fairs.
Once you have it pinned all around the table.  Remove it from the table and take it to the sewing machine.  I used a 1/4" seam allowance and just straight stitched ALL the way around.
Remove ALL your pins.  Take it to the table and fold the skirting down around it.  TADA!!!  you have an EASY table cover!  And you can make it in WHATEVER colors/ patters you like!  WALMARTS cheap sheets WERE PERFECT!!!  They have some BEAUITUFL COLORS too!  

 You can get REALLY creative and add Applique to the Front of the Skirting or all the way around.  Ric Rac...WHATEVER your heart desires! 


  1. hi crystal,
    I'm your partner for the victorian cuff swap~ wasn't sure on the wrist size, but I make mine adjustable so it should work.
    If you want to send me exact measurements, feel free :)


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